I am a Scottish artist, a recent graduate from The Moray School of Art.  

I work within an extended painting practice, following an intuitive path open to repetition and redirection. The physical act of making and learning through repetition is an essential process for human growth and our lives are enriched when we acknowledge the memories held within objects and place. My work contains physical and emotional fragments of information imprinted within my memory, that help to develop an understanding of my place in the world in a way that cannot be put into words. Memories are continually filtered through replay and self-editing; the details can become abstract but the sense of recognition remains.

The work walks along an invisible line between representation and abstraction, a balancing act of memory and imagination which creates an intersection between one thing and another.

Frequently but not exclusively I include the remnants from one process to support or inform new beginnings, and so the work is continually expanding, and carries a visual familiarity.

Through this practice, I explore a binary tension that is fundamental to life and death, provisional and permanent. By hinting at something and nothing I create a silent dialogue, questions within. I view these questions like doorways, as walking through them is more essential than finding answers.

Without the experience of failure, we cannot truly appreciate the joy of success.

“These are not just mistakes at the age of understanding, it is the way that understanding is constructed, making us aware of constructing meaning rather than just receiving information, these are all things that are natural to art and they are all a kind of model of how understanding in the world could be.”

Kentridge, 2018

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